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Post-Bariatric Surgery | Cammel Plastic Surgery

In recent years, bariatric surgery has become very popular; these surgeries benefit the patient in their social appearance, as well as for the positive health results it provides.

If you have already taken this first step, you should feel a positive shift in your confidence and emotional patterns, your self-esteem elevates as your limits are surpassed, all for the better. In the same way you should begin to follow a healthy diet in able to maintain a proper nutrition, this is very critical, and could be hard at first, but in the end it is worth more than you can imagine.

Once you have reached this positive change, you will notice that you have some excess skin you will want to remove. The skin begins to hang and become flaccid in various parts of the body. This will be noticed on your face, neck, arms, breast, abdomen, back, gluteus, thighs, inner leg, etc. It is at this point, where aesthetic plastic surgery becomes reconstructive; providing the proper proportion to the variant anatomic changes of each patient. In able to better the patients facial and body contour post-bariatric surgery is suggested.

Dr. Camacho-Melo performs with great success various procedures to remove the affected areas bariatric surgery generates. Depending on the nutritional and health patterns of the patient, more than one procedure can be done per surgical session.

Procedures are as followed:

Tummy Tuck: Removes excess skin, and tightens muscles in the abdomen.

Thigh lift: Is a body contouring procedure that will tighten the muscles and bring back the aesthetic line of the thighs. This procedure may be performed with or without fat transfer to provide better results.

Arm lift: Excess skin is removed for a firmer appearance or the arm (brachioplasty).

Back lift: Will bring back the pleasant flat appearance of the back

Breast lift: Correction of the form of the breast.

Face lift: Removes sagging facial skin, resembling the contour lines of the face and neck.


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