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The calf muscles are notoriously hard to develop. Even with extensive, targeted exercise many people are dissatisfied with the thin and undefined appearance of their calves.

Increasingly, people are opting for calf implants to give their legs the toned, defined look they desire. The calf implant procedure involves placing soft silicone implants in pockets overlying the existing calf musculature (gastrocnemius muscles) through small incisions in the creases behind the knee. For many people, including bodybuilders and those whose smaller calves are the result of an injury or nerve disease, calf implants dramatically improve the appearance of the legs and bolster self-confidence. If you are tired of your skinny calves, contact Dr. Camacho-Melo and his talented staff today to schedule your calf implant consultation. We also offer pec and bicep implants for patients interested in improving the appearance of those areas.


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